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Integris CDP

"This is without question the best CD playback I've ever heard."  Mike Silverton, Ultra Audio

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The Integris CDP is an integrated front-end component intended to serve as the centerpiece of a wide variety of high performance hifi systems. It is, of course, very compatible with the Integris Active 300B but its preamp section is capable of driving a wide range of power amplifiers very well. In short, it is a high resolution CD player and linestage preamplifier intended to compete with the best in available separates in the two-channel audio market.

The design goal is to exceed the performance of the finest separates with the operational convenience and value advantages of a single component. Within the Integris CDP, there are numerous state-of-the-art subsystems that deserve attention. We have engineered these subsystems to work optimally and conveniently together to yield outstanding performance and ease of use.

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